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Japan is a country where people have the greatest life expectancy in the world. The secret is nowhere else but healthy eating style with healthy foods. One of these foods is Australian - Japanese Wagyu beef.


Australian - Japanese Wagyu Beef - A nutritious food

It is not natural that this food is so nutritious and popular. To reach consumers, Australian - Japanese Wagyu beef must undergo extremely strict care and processing.


Cows from breeding have been selected the best variety. Antibiotics or chemicals that are harmful to health are banned and strictly controlled. Therefore, absolute cow food is natural grassland, ensuring safety. People even let cows listen to music, relax massage or take a warm bath right from the time when cows were small. This will affect the muscle quality and meat quality.

wagyu beef

Slaughter is another elaborate process. One day before slaughtering cows, inspectors will go to the farm to make sure the cows are in good health. Beef is taken in the operating room to ensure hygiene and operations that make them no longer painful. When the slaughter is completed, another test step continues. Next is the high-tech freezing stage.


Thanks to this process, Australian - Japanese Wagyu beef has extremely high nutritional content. It contains more iron, amino acids and vitamins than American cows. From this type of meat can be processed into diverse and attractive dishes. This food can also become a gift to please recipients.

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Because of the great nutritional content, Australian - Japanese Wagyu beef is now bought by many people, although the price is quite expensive. The market for this product is also more diversified. If you want to buy fresh, pure meat set, Wagyu shop should be the first name you think.


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