Saga Beef - The Familiar Name of Premium Wagyu Brand


For those who are true meat lovers, the name "Wagyu beef" is undoubtedly familiar. Despite Japan not being a country with a high beef consumption, the country has become a leading producer and breeder of some of the world's finest beef for many years.
Saga Beef

Saga Beef - A Perfect Blend of History and Modernity:

Saga Beef is a beloved name among beef enthusiasts, representing a perfect blend of history, modernity, science, and the culinary artistry of Saga prefecture, combined with the passion of food producers.

Since birth, Saga cattle have lived a life of luxury and comfort, thanks to professional breeding techniques. They roam freely in a serene natural environment in Saga prefecture, with mild climate, pure water, and fresh air. This ideal setting helps Saga cattle develop optimally and produce the finest quality beef, deserving of the title "premium Wagyu beef."
Saga Beef

Strict Selection Process for Saga Beef:

Saga Beef must undergo a rigorous selection process. The prerequisite is that the cattle must be of the Kuroge Washu breed, one of the six native Japanese cattle breeds. Cattle must be raised on designated farms approved by the association and meet strict quality standards, known as the Beef Grading Standard. Saga Beef is rated from 7 to 12 (7+, 12+); otherwise, it will not be recognized as Saga Beef.
Saga Beef

Marbling - The Key to Unique Flavor:

Marbling, known as "shimofuri" in Japanese, plays a crucial role in creating the unique flavor of Saga Beef. The intermingling of marbling and lean meat gives a luscious, tender, and aromatic sensation, particularly the mouthwatering experience when indulging in it.
Saga Beef

Superb Flavor and Quality in Every Slice:

Unlike other Wagyu beef varieties, Saga Beef is rich in monounsaturated fats and essential fatty acids, including omega-3, 6, and 9. Its meat color resembles the beautiful hue of cherry blossoms, reflecting the cultural beauty of the Land of the Rising Sun.

Saga Beef can be prepared in various ways, from steaks and hamburgers to hotpot dishes, allowing you to savor its unique taste.
Saga Beef

Enjoying Saga Beef in Vietnam:

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