Sendai Beef - The Rare and Premium Wagyu Brand from Miyagi


Sendai Beef is renowned as one of the prime beef producers in the northern region of Japan and is often referred to as the "sweet cluster" or the homeland of the Wagyu Olympics. To be classified as Sendai Beef, the A5 grade (also known as Wagyu A5) requires a minimum score of 10 (BMS10+) on the Beef Marbling Standard (BMS), making it the only beef in Japan with such a high requirement.
Sendai Beef

With statistical data from previous years, the percentage of Sendai Beef scoring above 10 (BMS 10+) is incredibly low, at 0.049%, contributing to its reputation as a rare and prized delicacy.

Quality Standards and Pricing of Sendai Beef:

Sendai Beef is evaluated based on criteria similar to those applied to Wagyu beef in general. There are four main criteria for assessing the quality of Sendai Beef:

  1. Marbling ratio
  2. Meat color
  3. Meat texture
  4. Fat color
    Sendai Beef

It is often joked that the price of Sendai Beef is determined by the marbling ratio on the meat.

The Delight of Marbling:

The beautiful marbling in Sendai Beef signifies a perfect balance of lean meat and fat, resulting in exceptional meat quality. The intricate intermingling of marbling will give you the sensation of "melting in your mouth" when you savor it.
Sendai Beef

The Homeland of Sendai Beef:

Sendai cattle thrive in the picturesque Miyagi prefecture, renowned as the rice-producing region of Japan. They are nurtured with care and fed a diet of wholesome plants, including rice straw, grown with natural water sources, and pure water from the area.

The exquisite marbling on the Sendai Beef is a testament to the quality food they receive, mainly rice straw and grains from the Miyagi region.
Sendai Beef

Strict Quality Control for Sendai Beef:

Every piece of Sendai Beef in Miyagi undergoes stringent quality checks by regulatory authorities, and each individual cattle is given a unique identification code throughout its life, from birth to the meat processing stage. This identification code allows customers to easily access information about each animal through the internet.

The Standard of Quality Sendai Beef Brands:

In Japan, not only Sendai Beef but also other renowned beef brands must meet similarly strict standards, just like Kobe Beef, Hida Beef, and Kyoto Beef. Japan is undeniably a nation known for producing some of the world's best and most delectable beef varieties.
Sendai Beef

The Rare and High-Quality Sendai Beef:

Given the rarity and exceptional quality of Sendai Beef, any discerning food enthusiast would be eager to try it whenever they have the opportunity. To ensure you experience the genuine Sendai Beef, seek reputable and experienced food businesses like,,,... as they are trusted and highly regarded by consumers. Enjoy Sendai Beef at its finest and feel free to reach out to us whenever you need assistance.

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