Wagyu Beef A5 - Striploin

Wagyu Beef A5 - Striploin
Price: 130$/500gr Original price: 114$
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  • : SP000254S
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  • : each pack is about 400 - 600g
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  • : 6 months
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  • : Freezer compartment -18 -> 0C
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  • : COD within HCMC or Transfer

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How much is - Wagyu Japanese A5?

Beef Wagyu always has a great value, the object that gourmets and culinary enthusiasts come to. In it, - Wagyu beef A5 was recognized as the most perfect and most valuable cow. In the article below, we will help you learn about this cow's information as well as its value.


How much is - Wagyu Japanese A5?

Why should beef - Wagyu Japanese A5 be selected?

- Wagyu Japanese beef is one of the meat in extremely high quality and "rarely difficult to find" in the world in general and Japan in particular. - Wagyu Japanese beef belongs to category A5 - B5, is highly appreciated for nutritional values, harmonious balance between lean meat and fat spots as well as perfect flavor, class, absorbing natural flavors Of course.


Perfect taste, class

beef - Wagyu Japanese A5 means that this type of meat is the most appreciated, better than strict standards of meat quality, fat, color, fat percentage, etc., that culinary experts offer. When enjoying - Wagyu beef A5 standard, the nutritional values you can get are abundant iron and zinc bivalent jaws, supplementing with blood, B vitamins and the best amino acids for the body. With excellent quality, beef - Wagyu Japan A5 simply makes a saucepan that can simply enjoy the perfect deliciousness. In addition, you can also use the meat to marinate and bake to bring the most characteristic and bold flavor.


Beef - Wagyu Japanese standard A5

How much is - Wagyu Japanese A5?

- Wagyu Beef The imported A5 standard is considered "luxury" and is known to be the most expensive meat in the world. However, it is not unreasonable that many people hunt to find this type of meat and buy it for processing. Wagyu cows are under a very strict care process according to Japanese standards, completely eating the best food, non-toxic and especially not using antibiotics.

best wagyu

Beef - Wagyu Japan A5, the most expensive meat in the world.

In addition, experts also pointed out that the nutritional value of beef - Wagyu A5 standard is the highest in the world, extremely beneficial for human health. Choosing to buy beef from - Wagyu A5 imported in Vietnam is not easy. Therefore, to own a piece of beef - Wagyu Japanese A5 standard, you will have to spend a small amount of money.

kobe wagyu

High nutritional value

"What money of yours" is indeed a saying to refer to the level of cattle - Wagyu Japanese A5. And you will be completely satisfied with the value you receive when you enjoy and feel the mild taste of the meat dissolved in your mouth. What are you waiting for without buying now!


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